Our Vision

We envision a world that fosters open communication, respect for diversity, and meaningful connections across cultures.

Our Mission

We empower leaders and professionals with the skills and courage to inspire and influence positive change. We do this through world-class training and coaching programs.

Our Story

Our story began over two decades ago with a passionate and a mission: to ignite the spark of potential by helping people find their voice to share their stories and lived experiences. We started by offering personal development training, coaching, and mentoring to the youth.

Since those early days, our commitment to empowering people has only grown stronger. We’ve joined forces with businesses, schools, and community groups to guide hundreds of individuals from all walks of life toward personal growth, impactful leadership, and personal transformation.

The impact of our work extends far beyond the training. Many of the people we’ve had the privilege to work with have gone on to pursue successful careers in various fields, such as law, engineering, medicine, and more. Some are now business owners, executives, professionals, and proud parents, passing on the confidence and skills they acquired their teams, and children.

Join us in our mission to help people find their voice, as we continue to make a difference, one speaker at a time.

Meet Our Founder

Abdul Fattah

Founder & Principal Trainer

Abdul Fattah is a professional trainer, coach and speaker who has personally helped hundreds of people improve their communication and leadership skills through his training and coaching programs.

With over two decades of professional industry experience in management, training and life coaching, Abdul Fattah founded The Speakers Academy to help people accelerate their personal and professional growth.



Some of the clients that our team have worked with in the past.